Lower Window Size decreases performance.

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  • Hi

    This is rather confusing for me. I'll admit I still don't have my head around the relation between window size and performance but can someone please explain why the below is happening.

    So I started out my project with a window size of 1920,1080 and after putting in sprites and events and previewing I get a image memory usage of around 19mb and stable 60fps and 20%cpu

    Later I played around a lowered my window size to 1280,720. And to my surprise this increased image memory to around 22mb and my fps fell to a stable 58 and cpu increased to 26-28%

    So I played around more and halved the 1080p resolution to 960,540 window size. This lowered the image memory to 16mb and cpu fell back to around 21%.

    Lastly I set the window size to my system's resolution which is 1366,760. And this totally obliterated my fps and cpu usage. Image memory increased to 25mb and fps fell to 54% and cpu increased to near 30%

    I don't understand why this flip flop in performance occurs for different window size. Can anyone explain this please. I'm using scale outer and fullscreen scaling is at low quality.

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