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  • From first export to second export i dont know why my game performnce is getting worst.

    In my 'wasteland' event sheet i have 60% usage of gpu, i try find which event cause problem.

    I delete first 50% of events and test... still bad

    I delete second 50% of events nothing new

    even if i delete all events without global variables i have 18% usage of gpu

    So where is the problem?

  • When my game have 3000 objects game runs slow but when i decrease to 2k game runs better

    its strange because In performance tips i read

    "Off-screen objects are not still rendered. Construct 2 does not issue draw calls for objects that do not appear in the window, and the GPU is also smart enough to know not to render any content that appears outside the window - even when a single image is only partially on-screen."

    Where is the logic?

  • wow

    how about grouping your events. That way you can get more of a break down than just the event sheets. There is no way to help without more information. Group group group. Not for just visual organization, but also profiling.

    I can't help but think you have some kind of heavy recursive looped function call happening.

  • Objects not on the screen may no be rendered, but that does not exclude them from logic processing. If you have logic happening on objects all the time, even off screen objects will still be handled in that process.

    If you feel it's off screen objects. Then only handle objects when they are on the screen.

  • jayderyu i can sent screens of my all events

  • What behaviors are you using on your objects? Are they all necessary? Are they all necessary all the time?

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  • i use sine and i have 300 trees

  • Put everything in subgroups and profile again so you can work out where the trouble is. I don't think it's the sine behaviour, it's something in your events that's the problem.

  • i have possible maximum subgroups in my event sheet. only thing who works is decrease numbers of sprites on layout nothing can help than this

  • Your screenshot shows you have 3852 objects. You probably have events running against each of these objects every tick even if they are off screen and have no reason to be updated.

  • The culprit clearly lies in whatever is in group 'wasteland'....

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