Low FPS on Crosswalk exported project.

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  • Hi!

    I made a game with pretty many objects on big layout that i was happy to see that it ran on stable 60fps on my LG G3 when i tested the game via WiFi. "Great!! Construct 2 is AWSOME!!".

    But once exported using Intel XDK Crosswalk the game was laggy and ran on 20-30fps. Anyone else have this problems? I've red somewhere that what you see when testing over WiFi is what you get so i didnt bother exporting my project until it was done and I dont really want to change alot in the game. Is there something in particular that Crosswalk cant handle? Physic bahavior? Sprite Font? etc..?

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  • Crosswalk is based on Chrome for Android so in theory it ought to run identically. Crosswalk is a couple of versions behind Chrome, so it may be that it gets updated in the near future and then will match Chrome for Android again.

  • Thank you for the response! I tried the game on SGS5 instead and it ran smoothly at 60 fps. So i figured it had to be the UHD resolution on the G3 that was the problem. So i changed the scaling quality to low and it got better. Not good but I got around 45 fps. So, should i design my games in UHD resolution? Or will that just make it worse for other phones?

  • Its a strange problem since Crosswalk even though its behind Chrome in build, a few builds ago it was still running fine. Contact Intel_Roberts in the XDK thread and maybe submit your CAPX to the guys at Intel for them to troubleshoot, they are very helpful.

  • DetteMan i also have this issue on s3 and for the most part it's just like you said about the screen. the S3 has really terrible drivers and its cpu/gpu just arnt capable of rendering at its full screen res its not really a XDK issue even coding native the S3 has a lot of issues. the reason is is it came out like right when Super hd screen came out but right before Cpus had a upgrade to really support the resolution

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