Low FPS in Cocoon launcher

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  • I exported my game for Cocoon and I used the launcher after to test it and the FPS has not reached more than 8. Extremely slowly. The game generates 32 instances of a cube with randomly selected frames, falling from the top of the window. The cube is using Physics behavior with the default settings. The screen is 720 x 480 px. The game is running normally in the browser. Is possible to run a game with these features in a mobile? When I build the application, the game will be faster? I really need some help to solve this problem, because I intend to use "physics" in all my games. Thanks.

  • Have you tried using the cocoon plugin and changing the physics from accelerated to web?

  • This is why it is essential to test on mobile from the very start. If you had tested regularly while developing your project, you'd probably know roughly what thing it is that causes the framerate drop.

  • AnD4D

    Thanks for the reply. Cocoon plugin is the same of Cocoon object? How can I change de physics from accelerated to web?

  • <img src="http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/7249/st0b.jpg" border="0" />

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  • Thanks AnD4D, but not improved. I changed the option for Standard web-based game and became much worse, ranging between 1 and 4 FPS. Any other idea?

  • Share you capx.

    You might be just running too many objects. Even in CocoonJS you should probably at most run no more than 100.

    HEre is my suggestion. Use their launcher. Test the physics sample. Then keep on adding more objects. Then you will get an idea of how many objects your game could handle with good performance design.

  • Hello jayderyu

    As I said before, I used just a cube with 9 frames and the physics behavior, that is replicated in 32 instances. Besides the cube, some sprites transparent at the edges of the screen and a background image.

    It is strange that only 32 objects cause much delays. I took a look at a demo in CocoonJS launcher (Box2D) and the situation is similar, but on a much larger amount in the case of the demonstration.

  • Hi RenatoB,

    im propably dealing with similiar problem than you are. Im trying to get solid fps on iphone via cocoonjs {i4 is propably out ouf question}. I have a standard looking platformer game with tiles and enemies, basicaly no physics. I was recommended to check this: gameclosure.com It would run any C2 games with GC wrapper following this modification: gameclosure.com/blog/2013/03/space-blaster-meets-mobile

    It looks like the number of people who want to develop games in the great user-friendly construct2 on mobiles is growing. But we still need more to have a solution here. I hope they make an integration of the gameclosure to construct or Ludei gets their new release out which will be even faster or i dont know :/ There's celarly a market gap for an app suitable for people {non programers} who want to develop games for mobiles.

  • Hi marcel1980

    It seems to be very interesting. I'll read more carefully and see it's possible for me to use this solution. Thank you.

  • marcel1980

    Did you used the GC in a game produced in Construct 2? If yes, has experienced an improvement in performance?

  • RenatoB i havent tested it yet. Have you? It looks quite a bit difficult :/ hopefuly there will be some easier process in the near future. I will however try it. Unfortunately some of the things mentioned in the tutorial are absolutely unknown to me :/ Github Repo for example?

  • I'll try to decipher it tomorrow. Anyway, Joannesalfa has already deployed game closure in several games and intends to create a tutorial soon (http://www.scirra.com/forum/ive-seen-the-comments-about-c2-and-cocoonjs_topic76530_page8.html).

  • Good luck with the deciphering. Let me know please if you succeed and what impact had it on your game. Yes i know that Joannesalfa is making the tutorial which is great. Cant wait to see that.

  • Does your physics object have animation? That could be it. On my game, my physics object had some animation for a bit, and the game slowed until it ended. I got passed this by pinning a second animated sprite on a physics non-animated invisible sprite.

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