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  • Hi there,

    we are a game creation company from germany called myronic. After some years of 3D Shooter creation we want to create android/iphone games and began to use the prog. Game Salad (Mac) and create some awesome games. Just two days before the release our Mac has been stolen and we can?t publish games with that anymore. Yesterday we found this awesome Prog. Construct 2 and here we are :) Construct 2 is realy awesome and damn it is so cool that it?s for windows and we can create smartphone games, too.

    Here are some little questions - We realy hope someone answer us :)

    1. We use the "free" version of Construct 2. Is it possible to create a whole game in this free version and after that upgrade to business edition and publish it without creating the whole game, twice?

    2. If we bought the business edition, is it possible to create a ".apk" android game/app file with one click?

    3. Is it possible to create a ".exe" file (in the free version aswell?)

    4. Our last game in Gamesalad based on the following template:


    We replace all the images with 3D Figures and animation and made a great zombie style apocalyptic adventure out of that and...and... yeah you already knew the story about our mac :/

    Is there someone out there who can create us a template like this in construct 2?

    We will pay for it if you want :) We realy need it :) Before you ask why we didn?t buy a new mac and do that in game salad ---> Because construct 2 is better we think! It?s so awesome and in all that 8 hours of testing since we found the prog. we realy enjoy it and like it :)

    Thank you so much for reading our lines and for hopefully helping us :)

    Sorry for the bad english :)


    Jules from myronic

  • 1. yes

    2-3. Compare features here:


  • here you have a base file, you can start from there... https://dl.dropbox.com/u/103248101/basefile.capx, good luck

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  • danuyos: Wow Awesome! Thank you sooo much! Hope i can handle that thing XD

  • : sorry if i�m spamming, but can you build it for me that there are 2 enemys and 1 "get points to the score thing"?

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