I just lost all my progress.........

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  • This isn't really something anyone can help with but im kind of pissed off and I want to talk about it....

    so basically, my hard drive is half dead, and im still trying to get it in for repairs, but in the meanwhile I decide continue working on a game. as you do!

    the game itself is actually quite simple, but from a coding perspective its tedious and annoying (but really worth it in the end). so I get to the first problem in the coding, and im working on a solution... then BAM, my computer get the blue screen.

    so not really thinking, a couple days later I get up my computer to try again and at this point I already know that all of my work from last time wasn't saved, so I was back to square one!!! anyway, I went through the most tedious parts, I was making some real progress... and then... BAM, it happened again and all my progress was lost!

    at this stage my computer was getting really bad and I didn't really want to even attempt to do it again.

    about 4 days later, I have to do some research for a science task and I decide to use my laptop (thinking in my head : this isn't gonna last more then 20 minutes before it crashes again). 2 hours later and I have 2 full pages of information that I have printed out and no crashes!!

    at this point im pretty confident in my computer and im really motivated to do some game making so I got back to the old game save and try one more time to make it! 3 - 4 hours later, no crashes, and I've got a game that I was proud of, it was just an all round feeling of satisfaction.

    throughout the entire process, im saving every second thing I do!! so I knew for a fact that even if it crashed, it would be okay!!

    now.... after all this.... all the saving that I did..... I exited out of construct2..... I copied over the game to a USB so it was safe and backed up...... I go back in to look at something.... AAAAAAANNNNDDDDDDDDDD BACK TO SQUARE ONE!!!!! After all that!!! it didn't even save!!!!!!!!!

    no backups, no AutoSaves, nothing!

    I say this isn't something that you can help with because im 99% sure that its my hard drive's fault!

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...... im not gonna try this until I have a working computer!

    thanks for listening to my stupid rant XD.

    leave a comment if you've had a similar experience!

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  • so basically, my hard drive is half dead, and im still trying to get it in for repairs, but in the meanwhile I decide continue working on a game.

    This is where you went wrong

    C2 also has built-in backup features so you can do things like backup to a Dropbox folder which is pretty resilient - your whole PC could burn down to a crisp, and you can then still get your work off Dropbox.

  • you could have use tortoisesvn and an online storage service such as google drive to back up your project with full revision control to give you easy trial and error experience and ensuring all your files have backups in the clouds.

    No matter what happen to your project currently, you have the freedom to choose and pick which revision to go back to and zero issues testing new functionality.

  • I can recommend you this as a backup solution.... Best working method for me.

    I always make a backup manually aside from the Autosave feature of Construct 2.

    Everyday / Everytime I make an important change in my project, I always save a copy of the .capx before I make any changes.

    This is a very good backup method since if you make a big mistake that will destroy your game and so hard to restore, then

    you just revert to your backup .capx.

    I always make folder for each Backup. And I name it like this: "GAMEINITAL_Backup1", "GAMEINITAL_Backup2".

    And I always make a Note inside the folder to remind me the changes I made and sometimes I also include the date.

    And Monthly I copy those backups with the current .capx to an external Harddrive.

    I just don't trust Onedrive / Cloud, so I prefer external harddrives.

    With this backup method, you'll surely not lose your work... Or not as bad as that.

    Just keep your Backup External Harddrive Secure.

  • That's lousy. As Ashley as already suggested, you may want to look into something cloud based. Personally I keep all my CAPX files and other assets in a google drive folder, then once a week (or after any major clump of work is complete) copy everything over to a secondary HDD, as well as a USB stick that I keep on my keychain.

    Hopefully what you lost wasn't the end of the world for you, and if not then now you know for next time!

  • This is why I have dual backup going on on C2 files. Dropbox (within the free quota) and iDrive backup.

    It is not a waste of money, it has already saved me a number of times. Maybe not exactly with C2 files but overall.

    I like how I can go to older revisions because sometimes I have idiot moments and save over or in other similar way destroy files. With some online backup services you can do that.

  • Dropbox is the way, my saviour on a number of occasions.

  • hey all! first al of, thank you for everybody replying with solutions and help. I really appreciate the kindness from this community.

    all of you are talking about backups, the problem is that I was backing it all up onto a USB and yeah I know uploading it onto the cloud or a drop box would have been better but im to stubborn XD. as I said before, my hard drive is practically dead, so my guess was that my computer just couldn't even bother to save anything properly throughout that session of construct.

    basically, the game plan for me now is to fix my pc then download drop box onto my pc straight away XD. once again, thanks for all the responses!

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