What we had in 2012 but lost in 2014 on IntelXDK

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  • What we had in 2012 but lost in 2014 on IntelXDK:


    Unicode app name supported

    Camera integration

    Barcode integration

    Official appmobi plugin

    tap's appmobi plugin

    playmobi plugin


    English app name only

    Blackscreen on Android

    Not anymore plugins, even official intelAGI plugin seems can't work.

    "Android" doesn't mean Crosswalk, I know Crosswalk maybe a good solution for future C2 android apps, but it lacks the important features as above which had been much superior than even current cocoonjs.(even new Cocoonjs plugin published by Ludei has no camera integration till now. And it seems there are no barcode integration plan on the cloud compiler list......)

    It just....pity. Long long 2 years passed,

    and we got a even weaker appmobi = IntelXDK.

  • woa...thats really sad. So many features are gone...

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  • you can always go back to old version and have those futures:) i think!:) i dident updated my intelxdk for like 6 months or so they have new version up! i still got the old things going on! pretty well! not sure if work for you also! but for me i dident never used crosswalk cause aint universal builder! youl ahve to post 2 versions of freakin apk files on internet , and most appstores dont allow you that! so either go normal android or cordova! or the new one forgot how its called! but still never go crosswalk for me is bad experience! cause not all mobiles have only intel chipset x86 or the other one called x64! so either will work on one of those chipset with intel or none! and if you go on other versions youl get also compatibility on lot more devices then on x86 or x64 thing! but atleast i never bothered to use crosswalk so much!

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