I lost my data again..

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  • So, For some odd reason construct 2 stores files and things in the temp folder.

    Why can't I change it cause each time after a month or so, the files inside seem to just dissapear and then my project is gone. This has happened to me 3 times over the times I've been developing using construct 2 and it is very very infuriating. And Is there even a way to get the files back? it is REALLY REALLY making me angry that I have to potentially restart (probably wont) because of this.

    There needs to be an option to change where it stores these types of files, it should store it in either the .caproj or .capx (seeing as the caproj is inside the capx)

    I love C2, but I can't develop games when I lose my progress..

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  • Set it to put the backups in a Dropbox, Gdrive, or Onedrive folder.

    Construct doesn't do anything to files, its either some other software, or hardware.

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