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  • In my game I have a video that plays over the title screen via a div (pode-div). In order for it to look good and work correctly for what I want, I'm using a low opacity level for the video. It was working well until I exported using node-webkit, and in fact it still works on some of the computers I've tested with. But it seems that on some computers the opacity of the video/div isn't set correctly. Is there a way that I can trouble shoot this. For example make the video only show up if the opacity is able to be adjusted correctly on the computer that the game is playing?

    Thank you.

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  • Does anyone have any ideas about this? I want to move into the beta phase asap and I'm not sure if I'll need to remove the video completely since in the current condition (100% opacity) it's covering the "start game" menu on some computers.

    Thank you,


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