Losing the ability to Pause/Step

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  • In the debug layout, a very short while into my game, I suddenly lose the ability to pause/unpause and step through my game. Not sure why.

    Anyone else had this happen?

    The only way to unpause is to click back onto my game window after pausing it, but it still won't let me step through.

    I'm wondering what might have caused this, or how I can fix it.

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  • This happened to me a few times too, both Pause and Step were greyed out and I couldn't click them, but it's not happening consistently as far as I know, and I usually close off the preview and preview it again if this happens and things go back to normal.

  • If I go to a different browser and go back in, it's working... but it's only happening when my character gets destroyed. Very frustrating.

    I've tried restarting my PC as well, and that hasn't helped

    Also getting very grumpy that this forum keeps signing me out, even though I keep telling it to keep me logged in

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