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  • Hello.

    I bought a .capx file of a nice game I liked and since I have the free edition I can't edit this project. I'm looking for someone who has the full version to add just 2 events in this project for me to fit my website.

    Please message here with your email if you can help, Thanks <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • No one? <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> It's just a few minutes..

  • Maybe, like me, people think it somehow not quite ethical.

    I'm not even sure on the legalities of this, but I'm sure Ashley or Tom could answer that.

  • Agree with zenox98, the restrictions are in place for a reason, and those restrictions are more than fair.

    If you don't mind steam, they are running a 33% off sale at the moment.

  • I'd be surprised if it would upset anyone, surely it's the same as me editing a photo on Photoshop or a document in Word, etc.

    Is there a restrictions page/readme that I've missed or forgotten somewhere?

    If not and there's no word from the devs then I'll be happy to help.

  • There are no restrictions.. The full version of construct 2 is made for developers, and I am not a game developer - I just bought a game and I want to edit a few events out of it (and it conatins more than 100 so I can't do this in the free version)

    -- Thanks

  • I'd imagine the person you bought it from would be more than happy to add the events in.

  • That's not unethical, period.

    People buy clipart all the time and have a graphic designer make edits, and they don't have to buy Photoshop.

    If you can't be hired to write an app for someone without them having to buy a license, you aren't going to get any work.

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  • Paradox,

    He isn't hiring. Period. Lol.

    Sure, if this is a job - no problem. Agree with Mr E bear that theunreal should ask seller first.

    As far as unethical, well, lets say depending on couple things this could be unlawful on top of that, depending on license of seller.

    The short answer is "We don't know the situation". If theunreal was a good friend - no problem, if he was looking to hire a developer - there are tons here willing to aid.

    The underlying issue is license. Word, photoshop, etc carry non comercial licenses as well as commercial. If it was made with such a license that deems it unlawful, it is enforceable by law. etc. Even if you made edits on top of a non commercial project, it is still unlawful to use it in commercial.

    theunreal, I don't think you need to worry, lol, I'm just stressing a point. If you brought it from a developer, I have no doubt he has business license. In fact you have little to worry about, but I would post in help wanted section as a formal job (even for no pay is fine) just phrase it different.

    For example: "I'm looking for a developer to do some work on my game"

    Its all about the details. And Yes I am blowing this way out of proportion, sorry for that. Just stressing a point.

  • Prior to my purchasing a license I was thinking much of the same as the poster. I think Scirra should include in the store ability to have a project converted to an export for a fee. Perhaps even a portion of that going toward full license purchase.

    Not to give something to the user as much as a way of adding to sales. I would loved to have seen an actual game made by me transferred to a specific platform to help me in making my decision to invest fully.

    I do agree there seems to be no restrictions so this will make it legal I am not certain though why a user who owns a capx he cant use wants it modified. perhaps they are looking for an export of some sort.

    Also think if this idea is to grow then Scirra in order to prevent this will have to restrict the way free edition saves it's files. This would lead to other problems but if people are going to work around the license purchase then Scirra would have to do something.

  • I don't think it is unethical, the one who have the personnal license can, if he wants to, edit a project for someone else I think, as long as he uses it itself, but I can be wrong, if someone can clarify that.

    PS: although it is also possible for the person who accepts to edit to charge the one who wants it, since he is doing the job

  • Closing, for obvious reasons we don't want to assist with people working around the free edition limitations.

    Note if you're only two events over the 100 event limit, it really shouldn't be hard to save 2 events from the rest of the project then you can still export it from the free edition!

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