Looking to buy C2, few Q's though

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  • Hi There,

    I'm looking to purchase a license for C2, and have looked into almost every other option out there, with only Stencyl being on par. A few questions for anyone with the experience to help me out deciding:

    1. I am primarily looking at porting some of my designs to Android and iOS. How straightforward is this process with C2 and would in-app purchases be possible?

    2. For those of you who have developed any mobile apps, how is the performance of your apps?

    Stencyl seems to have mobile app export down natively, and I may be wrong, but from what I've read so far, it seems I may need to be using wrappers with C2. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I really want to get on board with C2. Are there any other advantages of C2 over Stencyl that are not readily noticeable?

    Forgive me if I missed these answers while searching the forums here, I've been plastered to the computer researching all of my options for a good 24 hours straight and my eyes are getting a little weary ATM. Thanks in advance

  • 1. Straightforward once you figure it out. There's lots of tutorials on the subject though so its not hard to get started.

    2. On iOS, performance is amazing due to iOS8. On Android, its decent.

  • Great, thanks a bunch, I appreciate the input. I pretty much have my decision made to go with C2, will prob just work with it for a few to figure things out. You may see me on here asking a large amount of questions though

  • About question no. 2


    You can compile your app using Crosswalk = you can use native AdMob ads, but your game will jitter

    You can compile your app using CocoonJS = game will not jitter (or jitter much less) but you can't use native AdMob, only MoPub (so you will earn 70*% less due to low fill rates and low eCPM)


    You can compile your app using CocoonJS and get amazing perfomance, however CocoonJS still uses MoPub, so you will earn 70%* less on ads (comparing to native ads)

    So we are still waiting for ludei to implement native AdMob ads

    and we are still waiting for not jittering Crosswalk IntelRobert

    Of course you can still make super advanced 1 screen game and compile it with Crosswalk, and hope that jittering won't be visible.

    * - at least

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  • We're honestly not planning on utilizing ads anyways, so I don't think that would be an issue as of now. I guess it will really depend on the amount of time and resources we're going to allocate towards game development before making any solid decisions tho, so thank you for the heads up about that

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