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  • I made a big list of small features that I missed during the first C2 competition. I have been quite busy lately that's why I'm posting it just now.

    I will try to explain them with as few words as possible to not make it too extensive, so if you have trouble understanding something just ask. I added numbers to each one to make it easier to reference. There are probably some things that are already implemented in C2, so just ignore them.

    But first I'll start with the more descriptives:

    01. During competition I noticed that I can live without proper drawing tools for prototyping, but there are two essential things missing in the image editor that are indispensable: "paste clipboard" and "translate/move image".

    The ability to paste an image instead of loading from a file means that the task of cropping and exporting each and every single frame into a new file is not necessary, so an enormous amount of time is spared. ctrl+c ctrl+v FTW.

    And since (currently) we are only dealing with whole images, it should at least be possible to move the sprite to proper frame it within the frame bounds.

    02. Another thing that I missed during production was the basic "most relevant object coordinates" like TopY, BottomY, LeftX and RightX.

    I had to create those variables to every object that was hit by the laser and proper assign the values through events. Would be very handy to have those like CC.

    And in case those are added I also would like to suggest two more coordinates that I use all the time and could be very handy too: Center.X and Center.Y. Combining them you can quickly retrieve the 9 most relevant positions of an object besides the origin.

    Now back to a more straightforward list:

    03. remember action points and collision polygons when duplicate frame or animation (it currently reset)

    04. remember collision polygon when a new image is loaded over a frame (it currently reset)

    05. ability to nudge image points by 1 pixel

    06. ability to nudge collision polygon points by 1 pixel

    07. snap to pixels option when editing collision polygons in image editor. Maybe add a snap to "Pixel-grid" (between pixels) versus "Pixel" (pixel center)

    08. option snap image points to "Pixel-grid" (between pixels) versus "Pixel" (pixel center)

    09. ability to add line breaks in string variables in the properties panel and instance variables windows (maybe ctrl+enter and/or shift+enter)

    10. "New Instance Variable" and "Edit Instance Variable" windows should allow resizing to better work with long strings

    11. in a double parameter property like "size" when only a single value is inputed the both parameters could be set to the inputed value

    12. actions to set all the parameters of an animation (missing Loop, Repeat count, Repeat to, Ping-pong)

    13. actions to control the mirror and flip through events (auto-mirror and auto-flip are only useful for some specific cases)

    14. when you save a project with another name it should consider it as the last opened project and show on the start page "Recent Projects" list

    15. Export Project - extremely useful if could remember the last exported folder for current project

    16. Export Project - missing a way to abort exporting once started

    17. physics - apply force at position (not just image point)

    18. physics - for circle collision a "Collision Radius" parameter on properties panel and "Set collision radius" action

    19. physics - ability to set gravity angle

    20. physics - gravity per object instead of global

    21. physics - add a gravity parameter on properties panel

    22. physics - option to set collisions to compute only on the current layer

    23. "any key is down" condition (currently there's only "On any key pressed")

    24. browser object - missing condition "On alert OK" for when the user click on the alert OK button

    25. ability to select multiple objects in the project tab to permanently delete a bunch at once

    26. "angle is x" is only possible through the system compare, it should be available from the object just like other conditions

    27. expression "normalize(a, b, x)", return: (x-b)/(a-b) - (map a given range to 0-1 and returns the relative position of x. Useful to use with lerp)

    28. "get object effect name" expression or a "compare effect" condition (better both)

    29. else condition

    30. toggle solid behavior in runtime

    31. set text angle

    32. options to align two objects in the layout editor

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  • Great list. Just sumarized it all. If 50% of it get implemented C2 will be much better :D Just put tile based editor too and that's it.

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