How long does it take to make a game in construct 2?

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  • Im curious about this amazing enigne and wish to buy it some day. I want to make a game(a platformer game) that has at least 30 levels. Just asking, how long do you think i can make a 30 level game?

  • I made a 50 level game in 2-3 months. and another one in the same amount.

    If you're just starting out, you might struggle longer than that before finishing something. Took me at least a year to get comfortable with everything in construct2.

    So it depends on how familiar you are with using construct2- your competence with the tool, and also your dedication with your game.

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  • It depends on the complexity of your game, your skills, do you have any assets ready already, are you working in a team or solo, etc.. I'd say it can take up months or even years.

  • Really depends on the game & how familiar you are with construct ... i use it daily for work and i can bang out a game in a couple of hours or a couple of days depending on whats involved ...

    but on the flip side, my personal games take a lot longer as im doing all of the artwork / music / design / sfx AND code all on my own, and theses games are more level oriented, rather than the "choose the right answer / drag -n- drop" things i generally make at work.

    the more assets you need and the bigger the game, the longer it will take... (obviously! lol) ... but you can really move quick in c2 once you get the hang of it and have your ideas and assets ready to go!

    i came from FLASH... and i havent looked back, seriously the best $129 i have EVER spent!

  • It's incredibly fast to make a game in Construct 2! Re-making it in another engine to port to consoles (and native Windows/Linux/Mac OSX) does take a bit extra time though (since you would need to re-code it from scratch ), but it's still great for developing a prototype in.

    C2 is also good for web, and mid-level/modern gaming on PC (Linux and Mac OSX works well too if the game doesn't get too large).

    Also, if making a platformer, try to minimize the use of the "Platforming behavior". We found that it can really cause lag (especially on lower/older machines and non-gaming laptops) which leads to missed collisions (falling through floor), super jumps, and all kinds of other funny glitches, which is likely due to having many enemies using that behavior.

    Hope that helps!

  • You can make a game in 3 days.

    But you can get burnout and stop making games for a year,

    I highly recommend to distribute your time evenly.

  • I have used this engine before, but am familiar with this engine though

  • It strongly depends on the game you're making: our game took over 2 years, being a survival game on top of a complex ecosystem simulator. With C2 you can make large games as well, if you know how to organize your workflow and optimize, and definitely if you know how to use the C2 event system.

  • Depends on the game, of course, but you can churn out a jam quality game in one hour if you're good at it.

  • It all depends on the game, of course. Once you know the tools, you can work rapidly. That also means you could, instead, create a massive amount of content.

    This was 48 hours solo for me:

    Little Girl (ludum dare compo)

    This is an ongoing multi-year project:


  • Depends on the scope and design. Flappy Bird clone can be done in matter of hours.

  • Start by getting two levels to work in the most minimal way (ie you can play it). Then you will have some idea.

  • Working normal non gaming related job full time

    + family stuff and social stuff

    I am managing to put in about 4-5 hours a week on construct.

    Learning everything from scratch and doing everything myself including art and sound music. That means learning other programs as well.

    To make the game that I have in my head......

    Based on the progress I have made so far......

    I would say about 50 years......

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