How to login forms in C2?

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  • I'm developing an educational game in Construct 2 to teach mathematics. I need to make a CRUD quardar login to save the data. I installed Xampp on my machine as a local server, and tools localhost 8080 Apache, PHP and phpMyAdmin. In PHPMyAdmin I created a database with the fields id, name, email, password, and also made in the following PHP programs include.php, reader.php, update.php and delete.php.

    I made ??a form Construct 2 with the following edit email and password and login button.

    I want to know how to connect all these tools. If you can help thank you very much.

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  • Well it's not so simple but totally possible I already made a login system in C2 with SQL databases long time ago

    In my case I used AJAX object to request information from database or send information by using .php files

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