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  • Now we can lock only a whole layer in C2 editor.

    But it would be very useful to have an opportunity to lock any single object.

  • Selection rectangle select object if rectangle overlaps object. But some large objects cover some small objects in my project. Because selection rectangle is hard. Lock any single object will be easy solution.

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  • Well, that's a coincidence, I was just thinking about starting a new post on this, and searched to see if this has already been requested, and here I am.

    Yes, I'm sure like many, I use sprite markers, for various reasons, it's a pain when you accidentally move these, especially when one object is under another, so being able to LOCK OBJECT IN EDITOR, would be a very welcomed feature.

  • Agreed! I'm making a level for platformer game and when some small object is obscured with bigger one, it's very uneasy to move them from here, even if I select it from z-order bar or with tab+click, the only way to move it from here - is to use keyboard arrow buttons... sadly this situation happens too often to ignore this lack of control.

    My suggestions for this:

    1. We can rotate selected object by handle, scale it in different ways, but we don't have any gizmo (handle) for moving it without loosing selection. So additional handle can be added for move object. - not best solution in my opinion.

    2. Add a keyboard shortcut, while holding a key - selection is locked and we can't accidentally change selected object. - looks like best and easy solution.

    So, Ashley please save our brain cells, it's so painful right now!

    By the way, for the future requests (especially for C3 which don't have customized Quick Access Toolbar):

    Please make a hotkey for "Show collision polys", "Snap to grid" and "Z Order Bar" I'm using it often, toggling back and forth without loosing selection while positioning different objects... In C3 right now these requires changing selection to layout properties, toggling checkbox and then again re-selecting objects...

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