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  • Hello, a question about the system of html5 in C2:

    I made my projects in a Core 2 Duo processor.

    But when it runs in anothers configurations, there are a lot of unsync in these computers. By example, the difference in a i7 processor is too much!

    Is there any way to try to keep my tests the same in all processors?


  • I'm not sure what you mean, are you talking about the framerate changing?

    The best thing to do is update the graphics card driver on all the computers. That's more likely to improve performance than anything to do with the CPU.

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  • Well, I saw now I'm on the wrong place to post this question... Sorry.

    It's a bit complicated install in all machines the update.

    As my tests uses "Wait" and "Every X Seconds", in anothers superiors (or inferiors) machines haves a difference in how they're used...


  • It's strange, actions like "wait" or conditions like "every X seconds" are supposed to run the same on any computer.

    Also maintaining up to date computers is a must-do to be able to play the games in the best conditions.

    As tedious as it is, any computer user should be taught how to do it and have the good habit to update its drivers regulary.

    Finaly maybe having a read at this tutorial about frame rate independence might help and see if it's not other actions that in fact are not framerate independent the way you did them.

    Like if you have an action :

    Set sprite's Y to Sprite.Y + 100 then yes, on different CPUs, the movement will be different, especialy if this action is executed every tick.

  • italoand, are you using Chrome by any chance? Is Firefox any better?

    There's a current bug in Chrome that occasionally makes game timers go wrong if the screen doesn't change every frame. It should be fixed in Chrome 19.

  • just use deltatime for that..

  • The bug in Chrome screws up timers so badly even if you use dt the game runs at the wrong speed or changes speed. It's a pretty annoying bug.

  • Yeah, that bug sounds annoying. Luckily it should never happen in complex games... ususally something is moving. If not, you could just put a dummy object.

    Also, as said before, make sure you use dt when adding/subtracting in a non-trigger event!

  • Hi thanks for the replies.

    Must appears the problem is with the chrome...

    I tested with some peoples, the ones who used chrome, had delays as I said. I'll look for deltatime looks a good function. And as I remember I tested in the chrome in this i7, (which is the standard browser of the guy).

    I'll keep it up.


    The game is this (don't play on chrome LOL).

    Feel free to check.

    Really thanks, buddies!

  • ya.. chrome runs ar 200fps if nothing is moving.. a way to avoid that is add a counter that add x every tick and keep that on layer

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