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  • Hey all,

    I created an android game using C2 with intel xdk about 7 months ago and i gave a break work on c2 Now I come back to c2 and I'm trying to create a new game. My first game has webstorage plugin but now i see that new c2 has localstorage plugin instead of webstorage. I read the manual, and i will give it a try.

    However i want to ask a question about localstorage. I remember that when you update your app on google play and a user update on his phone all the webstorage data, game progress is gone. Using localstorage can occurs like this problem?? If I store the game progress (like levels unlocked) into localstorage, and when I update the app, will all the data lose??

    Sorry for my bad english, and thanks for your answers.

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