where is localhost web root folder located?

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  • Hi,

    When I do a preview of the project/layouts and my local browser is lauched with localhost to view the project. What is the internal web root folder on the local machine.

    More particularly, I noticed that a video file when viewed straight out of the project tree, its located in a hidden temp folder: AppData\Local\Temp\capQ4I2IS\Files, along with other files.

    But, my feeling is that this is not the root web folder ...

    any help would be much appreciated,


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  • Hmm, I think dont construct 2 has an actual dedicated web root.

    Its all created at run time based on your project I think.

    The hidden folder your referring to is simply a temporary folder from user applications data, created on runtime.

  • There isn't a root web folder. It draws files from various places on disk, to avoid having to copy them and thus making previewing faster. Why would you need to access the web folder anyway?

  • I had trouble with a video file that didn't play when music was played in a previous layout. Although, the video file played when I launched the only layout with the video file included.

    I wanted to see if for some reason access to the video file (via direct localhost:50000/myvideo.mpg) is still given after a go to layout command is "issued" from a previous layout. But, I didnt know where the myvideo.mpg file was located.

    Anyway, to make a long story short. It turns out that the problem went away when i switched from Chrome to IE, and the problem went away.

    I think music and video is probably not consistently supported across browser.

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