LocalHost with Down Router?

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  • I have been under the impression that localhost/preview.html is a local. When my ISP went down last night for the next 12h, I realized that I was unable to do the HTML5 preview. Accessing that page only result in a down connection message. The ISP modem has no connection, but the internal network was still functioning for everything else. Still, this is local only, right? Am I wrong? Should it still have been working?

    Thank you.

  • That's odd, there's no reason for localhost to go through your router. I've heard from other people reports that you just need to wait 10-15 seconds and the preview starts up - some network thing timing out then it falls back to local. Not sure what that is because the preview files are 100% local to the computer. Maybe you kept closing it before the timeout?

  • Naw. Kept the tab opened for minutes and still nothing. With the ISP down all night into morning, I was spending time trying to figure why my Firefox (even though does not load the HTML5 but does let me know the link is active) and Internet Explorer kept failing no matter what. I knew it had to be local, but did nothing when the ISP died. I played with it for some hours, cleared caches and all. Nothing. ISP came up this morning. Hmm, okay. I refreshed the tab. Boom, it loaded.

    So, weird then.


  • Do you have a proxy configured in Internet Properties --> Connections --> LAN settings?

    I could see something like this happening if you had a proxy configured and did not select the "Bypass proxy servers for local addresses" option.

    It seems like localhost should be available no matter what, but you never know what those crazy Microsoft programmers may have done.

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  • No proxy here. <img src="smileys/smiley23.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • You could always edit your hosts file System32/drivers/etc/hosts

    Add in


    I'm assuming your system is using the router for dns, which if it was down you wouldn't get any name resolution. adding in that line would automatically tell your system where localhost was without need of dns etc.

    Still kinda odd that it would be relying on a gateway for a local address.

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