how does loadingprogress work ?

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  • Hello,

    I am quite confused. When I use loadingprogress along with a custom loading screen (using, the progress bar resets from 100% to 25% then increases again. Does it mean that the first time sprites are loaded then the audio ? Or is it something else ?

    For instance, it happens with this game:


    EDIT: I also read written by Ashley. He says it is related to "Is downloading update" but I don't understand.

  • That's odd, I've not noticed that effect before. I think Chrome is noticing there's an offline cache and the loading progress is reflecting the offline cache progress - but it's not programmed to do that... hmm...

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  • Ashley

    recently I got same effect on CocoonJS Android compilation too,

    but for me it does not matter anyway :)

  • Thank you for your answers.

    What is odd is that it happens even if it is the first time you open the game so there is no offline cache yet, right ?

    Well I had time to investigate this issue. It seems that it only happens if there is the Browser object in your project. Since the game is playable after the first bar completion, I assume the second one is for sounds/music. Or maybe because of the Browser object, it is trying to reach an update. These are just assumptions and it does not bother me that much too but I was just curious if there is an explanation to it.

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