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  • Is it possible to have a sprite as a container loading its image from a URL instead ?

    So that once I turn the project into an app, I could still update those sprites with new thumbnails for example.

    I understand I can do that through appcache, but understand that say if I use phone gap/mobi to make it into a self contain app, the �web site/app� will be self contained, hence to update the appcache would means to repackage a new app, then review, etc.

    I just want to have like say a few thumbnail sprite containers shows my latest app and I will be updating them often so I was hoping it could load from a URL.

    Is that possible ?

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  • Well, no. Unfortunately, just having the IP address of an image isn't enough. However, if you right click and image on the web, select copy, open Paint, right click, select "paste" then go to file; save as; PNG; and then you have a sprite that is importable to Construct2.

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