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  • Hi, I have made a game for a university project but I have encountered some issues. After exporting the game and uploading it to Google drive, it will not open via the link. When I enter the link into the browser the Construct 2 logo appears with a loading bar underneath. The loading bar fills up halfway but then the browser freezes. Sometimes the Construct 2 logo and the loading bar do not even appear. Can someone please help me to identify what is going wrong? p.s(The browser I am using is Google Chrome)

  • It might be a 3rd party plugin your using.

    If so, try removing them 1 by 1 and test it again.

    When the game is loading you can press F12 then ESC to see chrome console, check it and look for any browser errors.

    If one file is missing, it will not load properly.

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  • When I press F12 and ESC nothing happens.

    I also tried opening developer tools but this does not work unless I close the tab with the link, then I can open developer tools in any other tab. It's like as if the tab with the link to my game just completely freezes.

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