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  • Hi, i have a big problem and i have no idea how to solve it.

    I'm currently working on a company, building small advertising games using construct2. Issue is, they need every single file from the exported files to be loaded from a cdn with randomly generated names... but construct2 uses relative paths for everything. They need me to use the base html for the ad, and everything else loading from the cdn. I tried using the load from url feature, but the base spritesheet still generates an image, and cant do that. Tried exporting to arcade, and then performed a manual change of the spritesheet files urls, but doing that it creates a cors issue.

    Any tips or help?

    Thank you very much -_-

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  • Found a solution just in case anyone have the same problem.

    Created a gulp that converts all my images to base64 and create a json, then injects a function to overwrite the loading of the images of construct and use my json.

    Doing that i just need to upload c2runtime, data, thebase64json and jquery anywhere.

    Now i need to address css or media overwriting and im done

    Only downside is, i cant minimize the runtime, making it very large :/

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