Loader Layout softlocks around 40% every time on Mac?

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  • Hi all,

    I'm trying to get a Mac version of a project to run. The project works fine on Windows, but every time I open the app on Mac OS, it stops around 30% to 40% of the way through my loader layout. I have a custom loading bar for the loader layout using the loadingprogress experssion from 0 to 1. The game still animates during the loader layout but it never completes loading. Occasionally after closing out the game when it softlocks, it will randomly complete the loader layout progress like it should, but fail next time I start it.

    As per the manual, the loader layout only loads images--all the actual code is loaded in the first loading screen (with the blue bar and small logo). So I can't imagine why loading images would sometimes softlock the game and other times not.

    There is one potential explanation: I use a "legacy" version of NW.js (version 14) specifically for exporting the Mac version, as the current version of NW.js causes the game not to even load ("Game crashed unexpectedly" no matter what) on Mac OS 10.8. So replacing the Nw.js files in the exported game folder with the legacy versions at least allows it to run, but might also be causing this loader layout freezing.

    Has anyone experienced a similar issue with the loader layout not completing? Is there anyway to look at the devtools or console and see where it's getting hung up (perhaps with one specific image)?

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