A little problem with AJAX and some doubts

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  • A little while ago I bumped into Construct 2. It seemed like a nice piece of software to me, and this was confirmed after having made a small game with it. Works nicely and as intended.

    However, here I am, having made a pretty big design for a pretty big game, stuck with Construct 2 after no more than an hour. Didn't struck me as too strange, it still being in beta and all that.

    Lets get specific. I'm planning to make an online turn-based strategy game. For this I want to use an SQL database. Using AJAX I could get a JSON object through, but after that there's nothing you can do with it. Can't really parse a string, and pulling through one piece of data at the time through AJAX isn't an option either. Way too inefficient.

    My question now is, how will this be done in a later implementation? Also, is it wise to just start my project in Construct Classic and just buy Construct 2 now for usage when it is in a more advanced stage?

    Everyone here on the forums probably knows a bit what to expect and how fast implementations of Construct 2 will all happen, since some of you have been through the development of Classic and seen it happen. I however get a bit uneasy when I spot things like there being no documentation and the problem I just mentioned with AJAX.

    I'm not trying to say I have no trust in the developer(s) at all, sorry if it sounds like that. Just don't know what to expect.

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  • Check back tommorrow, R51 release.

    You could also check out the websockets plugin.

    XML parsing is planned, will either be added by Ash or via a custom plugin in a short to mid range.

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