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  • It's tooooooo hard for non-programming background user. I understand that the prediction methods are necessary for real-time action game.

    My team member was used blizzard's warcraft3 world editor many years ago, the world editor had a gui mode for those users who didn't know any programming like him. ( so that I suggest my team member to use scirra construct now)

    It might have more friendly framework for multi-player game design, like warcraft3 world editor .

  • I completely agree. I know I will pick it up and understand it sooner or later but for people wanting to pick it up and hope for that Construct simplicity they may be very discouraged like me but I'm willing to learn the process to make what I want, but for some may not have that same will. I do however believe that it CAN be simplified maybe like a Simple Multiplayer plugin for people who just want it to work lol, and leave the Multiplayer plug in as is for advanced users.

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  • C2 is a victim of its own success i suppose. It has made it so easy to do complex things that we all expect everything to be easy. I guess some things can onle be simplified so far. I must admit i hope it is possible to make the multiplayer more accessible though.

  • I think it would be best leave the complicated stuff for the people who are capable of making complicated games. Making things really simple always limits everybody else. People new to game making should not try to do multiplayer games before they are even capable of doing the very basic stuff. Game Maker has always had an option to activate the advanced mode or the basic mode that cuts down all the complicated stuff. I stopped using Microsoft Office after they dummified the whole package. I'm now using Open Office. Another example is the automated C2 export image packing that eats my nerves at times. It removes my possibilities to manually control the image sizes after export.

  • nemo

    The warcraft3 world editor is more friendly then C2 multi-player plugin for making multi-player games. So it's possible to have an easier way to do multi-player.

    I agree that there will be some limitation then current multi-player plugin, it's a trade-off.

    Maybe have more then one kind of multi-player plugin for different purposes.

  • I haven't even finished the third tutorial yet, which explains in detail how the real-time parts work, and also there is no manual entry yet either. Obviously you're going to find it a lot harder if significant parts of it are a mystery.

  • I really like the new multiplayer plugin and find it user friendly and intuitive to use. Oversimplifying such functionality is not a good idea.

  • Completely agree but I was afraid to talk about it on the forum.

  • "The warcraft3 world editor is more friendly then C2 multi-player plugin for making multi-player games."

    Well, the w3 world editor is just a map editor, all the networking code is already made. So ofc it's easier. You can't compare a map editor and a game maker.

  • Joskin

    Yes. it shown that the complex of networking could be hind behind the engine.


    I'm trying to explain the multi-player plugin to my team member by using the first tutorial and the ghost shooter example. But I feel depressed -

    Yes I know the peers are do nothing excepted render the objects. But the question is how to change his mind to think about that, it's totally different to single player game.

  • I would recommend that your friend read through the whole series of tutorials (including the third one which will be done soon). I do not believe it is reasonable for anyone to be able to understand such an advanced feature without understanding the full content of all three tutorials, since it covers everything from the architecture of the internet to why certain things are done in Construct 2 a certain way.

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