Is there a list of currently open feature requests?

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  • Is there a place where all feature requests are cataloged? Like a Jira database or something?

    I have some UI improvement in mind for the editor, mostly related with the search tool, but I don't want to bombard the forums with duplicate requests.

    I'm aware that C3 is being developed with a focus on the editor itself, so even if those requests never make it to C2, maybe they can be taken in consideration for C3.

  • I think there might be a couple of lists going around but they aren't official. The best thing you can do is to search the forum and either bump an old thread with the same idea or start a new post and have links to the older posts. Power in numbers!

    As far as changes to the editor goes I think we will be waiting for c3 because it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to implement things twice.

    Out of curiosity though, what are your ideas?

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  • Mostly suggestions of improvements around the search feature and the dev interface:

    • Be able to do a search in all event sheet at the same time
    • Highlight the found conditions or actions when doing a search with a bright color (instead of hiding the other conditions or actions)
    • Improve the warning when deleting a variable or a behavior in an object: instead of just saying that "affected lines will be removed", it should tell *how many* lines will be removed (so that I feel safe that I cleaned my code correctly before deleting a variable).

    Stuff like that.

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