Linux build with node-webkit doesn't work?

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  • Hello,

    I tried to build my game using node-webkit, but upon trying to run both the linux32 and linux64 executables in Ubuntu, it merely informs me that no application can be found that'd be able to run the file, and asks me if I want to look for it online, after which it finds and allows me to install PyPar2 which in turn only tries to extract the executable as if it were an archive.

    How can I get Linux builds to work?


  • It could be this issue? Which I doubt will be fixed anytime soon.

    ue to the removal of libudev0 and its associated library, node-webkit isn't able to run on newer distributions such as:

    Ubuntu 13.04

    Fedora 18, 19



    Derivatives of the above

    ...and possibly others. Until node-webkit is updated to depend on the currently shipped version><editid>alspal</editid><editdate>2013-10-10 23:29:15</editdate></edited>

  • I don't know if that's the problem, and the provided steps on that page aren't detailed enough to be of any help. :-/

    Here's to hoping someone can provide more info. :-)

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  • It seems that it was a permission issue, and that you have to allow the executable to be run as an executable, but now my issue is instead that the 64-bit version doesn't open in fullscreen as it should and does on other systems, and the 32-bit version doesn't run at all. :-/

    Any ideas?

  • I am having the same problem. Set the permissions correctly. Doesn't seem to want to load up.


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