Linear sampling blurs out sprites? (but not background?)

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  • Here's a table of my configs and situations.

    Situation 1 looking crisp; all good.

    Situation 2 the sprite is rotated by one angle and looks approx x3 times worse.

    Situation 3 the background (TileMap) got pixelated lovely, while my sprite got blurred out.

    (P.S. the Sprite image is upscaled x4 times than its ingame size to look good on zoom)

    Please, any tips on how to avoid this? I've tried Point Sampling,but it absolutely kills any attempt at resolution changes, hence the game == unplayable.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Welcome to 2d gaming.

    It's just the way a line works with transformations. A band aid is to try adding a transparent border to the image.

  • newt

    How come the background doesn't get blurred so bad?

  • You mean when its rotated?

  • Furthermore, I'm not only talking about borders

    The whole sprite looks as though a "Blur" filter has been applied on top, whether its rotated or zoomed out. Looks really bad. Please explain how to avoid :/

    You mean when its rotated?

    When it's zoomed out.

  • No idea.

    No way to tell from what's provided.

  • Okay, here's what Im talking about.

    Situation 1 - scale 1, rotation 0. Looks slick af.

    Situation 2- zoomed out and magnified with WM. How come the background gets nicely pixelated while the Sprite gets blurry?

    Please help, game relies heavily on zoomout.

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  • Take a look at the tiled background object in the two.

    You should see that rather than scaling up the texture, it just shows more of the texture.

    To deal with the blurriness of scaling you can downscale the sprites texture.

    In other words you would set an object that was say 256x256 to something smaller, say 128x128.

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