Limitations of Windows 8 exports? (Desktop+Phone)

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  • Hi. Until now I used Node Webkit to export for Windows but I am considering to make them Win8 Apps which run on Windows and Windows Phones.

    I searched a bit but could not find a list of limitations or issues, yet. Are all Plugins from C2 (Ajax, Multiplayer, XML, UserData for Cam/Audio) working on Win8 exports?

    I tried an example capx today and noticed problems with the Audio Plugin. The BG sound was gone after another soundeffect was played. Is this a general issue or maybe just one in the current 197 beta build of C2?

  • Bl4ckSh33p

    There has been issues with audio on win8 (at least fo pc, don't know about phone) since R164 at least.

    In my experince backroung music will stop for no apparent reason. Sometimes it may not happen at all, and if it does it is usually after considerable time (llike hours). Because of that Making a capx in order to report the bug is not possible.

    If you are able to reproduce the problem, I would suggest posting a bug report, so Ashley can check it out.

    Aside from that Win8 apps are still better than NW since they are not affected by the jank bug in Chrome.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    I just exported my The Escapists Companion app and run it on my Windows Phone (Debug mode in Visual Studio). It seems Set WebFont does not work on WinPhone.

    Visual Studio shows this message: "APPHOST9601: Can’t load <>. An app can’t load remote web content in the local context." Is there some kind of workaround to use custom fonts?

    Anyone else using Windows 8 exports and knows limitations/issues? If some features are not working maybe it should be added to the manual?

  • Windows Store apps made with HTML5 are run by the IE browser engine. Windows 8 has the same compatibility as IE10 and Windows 8.1 has the same compatibility as IE11.

    I am not aware of any issues at all on desktop Windows Store apps (if so please make sure a bug has been filed), but on mobile Windows Phone 8.1 has a fairly serious audio bug which Microsoft are being slow about fixing. It looks like the fix will be simply to update to Windows 10 when it's out, which I think is due to have Web Audio support by then.

  • Thank you for your reply ASHLEY. So it seems Multiplayer is not possible as Win8 app or WinPhone app right now, only Android/Crosswalk may work and Node Webkit.

    I will test a few more things and hope everything works. If anyone knows how to fix WebFonts or use custom fonts in general, let me know please.

  • Does anyone know a workaround to use WebFonts on WinPhone 8.1?

  • Windows 10! Yey!

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  • First, as always, sorry for my english

    And sorry that i use your thread for my subject.

    Have C2 more problems with Windows and Windows Phone as the known Sound-Problem?

    When i export my Project as HTML5 and upload it on my Webserver, i can run it on Windows in IE without any Problems (i have to say, that i have no Sound included in that early state, so i can't say anything to Sound-Problems).

    Firefox have may visual Problems (not able to display Layers with "force own texture",...).

    Chrome also works.

    But when i open the Project NOW with my Windows Phone (i have no Android or iPhone to test), it does not work - the screen still be black!

    A few Weeks/Months ago (i think before the Physic-Engine was "fixed") it worked.

    An older Version that i have uploaded i can open and start it in IE on my Windows Phone without Problems.

    (i hope you understand what i mean *g*)

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