Limitations on the free version is a problem

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  • I just realized that some of the limitations set on the free version presents a problem, especially for me to decide if i want to buy a license or not. Granted, i am new to this program but i was fiddling with a radial menu where, when i click on an object, X number of menu elements should appear.

    This is where the limited "families" feature would have come in handy as i understand it?

    I wanted to group all menu options into a family and having the whole family being affect with things like visibility or mouse hover checks. Instead i am forced to "write" code for every single menu object and that really sucks. How am i supposed to make a decision on if whether or not i want to buy the product if i can't try essential features?

    A radial menu toggle is a key feature in the game me and my friend is planning so this would have been nice to try out. Then again, maybe I'm wrong about families and you can have a set of objects appear at the same time when another object is clicked?

  • It sounds like you would like to use families and it sounds like it would help. This is the families page :

    You could of course, buy construct and if you don't like it I believe it is something like 15 days to refund your purchase.

  • Ya ok thanks. Families sounded like the feature i needed...

  • Careful, I've never seen a 15 day guarantee.

  • Families could help you here, yes. Though, you can do it without a family, using a single "menu button" object, with different animations and a variable to know what type of button you have. It's just as if you had a family but every object is merged in a single one.

    Having done a contextual menu yesterday, based on a single CSV containing each button animation name and the associated function, I used only 1 sprite for it, and no families. I can explain you more how to do it if you want, but be sure families aren't the only solution. In fact, they are super useful, but you can almost do everything without them.

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  • Yeah, it just takes more events to do the same thing without families. Other than that you can do everything.

  • Using one sprite with multiple animations or animations frames is a way to do it without families.

  • Ok thanks everyone ^^

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