limitations due to events ... what?

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  • I do not understand those who say there are limitations in C2, because of their mode of events.

    So far I have not suffered any limitations and I am doing everything I want to do.

    I published a game on android 1 year ago, it has a lot of code and I did not feel limited at any time, I could always do what I wanted in one way or another.

    I currently have several projects started (although I'm only focused on one) and I repeat, I do not have any problems that limit me to do something due to the events, until now.

    What kind of limitations do they refer to?

  • Depends on the complexity of the game. Try doing a "min max algorithm" in construct.

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  • I am guessing there aren't really any. People who say there are, are probably just referring to having to find workarounds to what would normally be easy if Construct also had a real code editor. Some things would be easier to do if you could actually code them in Construct, but since you can't you sometimes end up with a lot of events which can seem like a really bad and inefficient way of doing it if you are used to coding things. Exactly the opposite of what Construct is supposed to do, but I don't think this happens often enough to really be an issue.

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