What are the limitations of multiplayer/plugins in ios/droid

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  • Hi,

    If i want to create an app that shares vids, images or data real time between several users what are the limitations? (i know hosting technology does not work on apple devices for instance)

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  • Your imagination.....

    But in all seriousness I want to know this myself. Just thinking about it You could probably do this. Are all the users in the same room or are they online in different places? I would imagine playing videos on several tablets or computers would be possible. I'm not sure how in sync you could get them to play.

  • I think the multiplayer object do not work on any browser or wrapper on iOS, I could be wrong though.

  • Creating little coop games is not a problem. It has to be used with an external server tho.

    Basically if you want for instance create a dating app with constrcut 2 you will have to set an external server (maybe even a cluster) up and reply to the requests.

    Seems that the only limitation is the usage of an external server.

  • The platform being run on needs WebRTC. IOS does nto have WebRTC. Android Crosswalk has WebRTC but I think it's still early version so a little clunky and slow.

    Limits to networking is bandwidth, memory, cpu.

  • Indeed if you do not use the multiplayer object, you can still communicate with an external server (ajax request could be used for some turn based games maybe? Not sure this is an ideal solution though)

  • Which protocol is used in native code for networking games and app communications?

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