Is there a limit for the number of Animations for a Sprite ?

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  • I am currently working on two projects utilizing Construct two.

    I noticed that when there is a lot of frames inside a particular animation, everything is ok.

    But when there is a LOT of animations, even though inside every single animation is a single image, the Sprite would totally either:

    1: Splat every single animation frame on load during run time [system hangs].

    2: A single Sprite will appear in the middle of the screen and cannot be deleted/destroyed by code because it was never programmed to be there in the first place.

    Does anyone have issues with a Sprite having too many animations ?

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  • I suggest creating a minimal sample CAPX of this. IE nothing but the elements required to duplicate the issue. Then submit a bug report.

  • That "LOT" should be a hint and a half as to what's wrong.

    No there are no limitations in the software.

    They are all in hardware.

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