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  • I think that there is no request section and if there is I'm realy sorry for not posting there (but I didn't find anyone).

    I wanted to request all the coders and scirra team itself for a 2D lighting system. Something like:

    Light Cast Behavior

    Shadow Cast Behavior

    (this way we could select the objects that should have shadow)

    the light object would cast the light (select color, intensity...) and the Shadow behavior would make the light stop spreading when hitting the given object. Directional light would also be great (flashlight) :D

    What do you think?!

    Thank u for your atention and sorry for any inconvinience.

    And I don't mind paying for it :)

  • I think I should have posted under "General"! Please move it there :)

  • I am agree with you xDGameStudios, that will be great, and I will say that I think we can also pay something for it, because there are many users out there who need such plugin. Since if I can get such I can make a awesome looking game, it can be that it's not good in game-play or story or so, but the art will be beautiful.

    I agree with you , I have also find many solutions for such but till now I cannot get anything like that. We need a light plugin to make the effects in real time, but that I think will eat lots of process and so.

    Thanks in advanced.

    Bye bye take care.

  • thehorseman007 u're right and I don't mind paying for it :D

    (if it is between acceptable limits) I've already paid for the Personal Version so

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  • There are various examples of light with shadow casting. :) so if you need shadows there are some floating :)

  • xDGameStudios, that's fine it's ok , about the rope thing I am also new and I will be glad to help you , but I cannot sorry for that.

    jayderyu , can you guide us to those links, i have found some too , but that is not what I want. There is one example already in C2 example folder. I think doing light is like make the game quite heavy or so.

    So do we have to for now relay on the art thing or something like that.

    Thanks in advanced.

    bye bye take care.<img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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