Life after AdMob / Monetising alternatives

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    Has anyone had any success with monetising a game after an AdMob/AdSense account ban please?

    Monetising without Admob seems very difficult!

    I've been using the the CocoonAds plugin for Banners and Interstitials and compiling using Cocoon have 4 dedicated advertising SDKs you can add to your build from their dashboard, Admob, Mopub, HeyZap and Chartboost.

    With Admob no longer an option, my next option was to try Mopub. My app was rejected by the Google Play Store because of an SSL Error Handler?! Not knowing what this was, I emailed Mopub and they said the SDK I'd integrated through the plugins section on was about 2 years out of date and they don't support cocoon!

    Does that rule Mopub out or is anyone else here actually using them via the CocoonADS plugin please?

    HeyZap has been taken over by Fyber, I also couldn't find my Banner / Interstitial ID's to add to the CocoonADS properties from within Construct 2. All they offered was a custom SDK to download and integrate, but this isn't possible with Construct right?

    Chartboost was the same, I have App ID's and signatures, but no ID's for Interstitials and I don't think Chartboost even offers banners.

    I've seen tutorials online for adding Appodeal plugin to C2 and then adding a GitHub address in Cocoon, this looked great but then found out that to use Appodeal you need to have an active AdMob account which I no longer have! Their customer service confirmed this for me.

    I read about the Ultimate Ads plugin also which seems to get some really good feedback on this forum but again it seems it only works with Admob.

    So, I'm a bit stuck and would really appreciate some help and advice on where to go from here or even if I have any other options for monetising a game. I'd really love to hear from anyone who has successfully continued to generate money from their games work after an AdMob ban!

    Is there another way we can add any advertiser SDK we want? And would this involve using something other than CocoonADS?

    Thanks for reading!


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