Licenses release on the app store?

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  • If I want to release under a development name, without getting sued or anything, do I need some sort of license? I doubt I need an LLC. We're going with Out Of The Box Entertainment, it's an open name, but we're not sure we want to use that forever so it's kind of temporary.

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  • Depends entirely on country. Some countries allow you to reserve a name. Others allow you to trade under either licensed name or even non licensed name.

    The best route would be to register the business name in the cheapest company option. LLC are great if your country allows it. Another option is CC, again if your country allows it. You can also just be a sole proprietor "trading as" but you have to register in most countries.

    Either way, you can always change your companies name down the road - very easy to change companies name. And if you are a team, then a company is the way to go. You can get a shelf company for next to nothing and change its name to "Out of the box entertainment" and later change it to whatever you want.

    My reasoning is if you going to build a brand - make sure you build your brand and not someone elses.

  • I live in the USA, i guess a CC or sole proprieter . Can multiple people work under a sole proprietor?

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