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  • Hi

    I just bought the Constuct 2 standard license via paypal a hour ago.

    When do I get the license? (just asking, because I need more layers :) )



  • Mine came through almost immediately to the email address linked to my paypal account - it didn't end up in your junk did it? (sent from

  • Checked both, inbox and spamfolder. No Mail here. I guess I have to wait.

  • Probably due to the recent server upgrade it can take a little longer for your licencse to arrive. Not to worries. :)

  • Are you sure the payment was made right away ? (not going through something like e-cheque)

    If not, e-chaques take some time to be processed and scirra only provides the license once the payment is received.

    If you're sure the payment has been made and you still haven't received the mail in a few hours, be sure to send a mail to with your paypal payment ID and the email adress linked to the paypal account.

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  • Yes. My paypal account had all the money on it's account.

    I also did not yet receive the verification mail from registering with the forums here. :(

  • No mail. Neither the license or the verification mail. :(

  • Tom's doing some work moving our server this weekend. Give it a few days, and if you still don't get a mail, email with your transaction ID and we'll sort you out manually.

  • Thanks for clarification. Any estimates on how many days "a few" are?

    Don't want to bug you but I'm currently in a online game making contest and want to continue. ;)

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