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  • Originally I had downloaded the free version of Construct 2 and I immediately fell in love with it (and the community here) and upgraded to the personal license. Then a few days later I downloaded a new version of Construct (r147) and when I started up the program I got the following message:

    "A license file for Construct2 was found, but there was an error loading it. Construct 2 has reverted to the free version."

    Does anyone know what I need to do to fix it so my full version works again

  • Add your licence file again I guess. You can just put it in 'my documents' and it will work wherever you have C2 installed.

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  • Thanks for the quick response Ramones everything is working perfect now. I downloaded a new license to my "My Documents" folder as well replacing my old license in the "Construct 2" installation folder with a new version and reset the computer and that did the trick.


  • Isn't working for me

  • Isn't working for me


    Rather than bumping a 4 year old thread, you should have started your own.

    Have you followed the instruction that are in the manual HERE for installing the license?

    If so, and it still isn't working, then email who will be happy to help you.

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