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  • Dear Ashley

    Dear Scirra...

    I did ask my friend (mail address: ) uses his credit card to help me purchase personal license of Construct. He gave me a redeem code and I tried to download a license file but actually i got message:

    "This key has already been claimed! Please email if you believe this to be an error. ".

    Both of use recheck emails and we couldn't find any license from Scirra..Please help me in urgent.

    PS: my friend didn't verify his mail before enter redeem code...:( I believe this may cause problem...

    Thank you very much and sorry about my English

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  • Down c?i file license v? r?i ch?p l?n thu m?c contruct2 m? b? l?i h? b?n, license c?a t? mang di kh?p noi ch?p m? v?n x?i du?c, h?nh nhu ch? x?i du?c 1 m?y, 2 m?y c?ng b?t th? b? l?i.

    :)) ch?o m?ng b?n d?n v?i construct nh?.

    Ashley maybe it's the error ?

  • Please email

    Did you send an email to ?

    Also are you sure that your friend did not redeem the license on his own account ?

    farsmile90: please try to stick to English in the forums, or at least provide an English translation of the messages you post in a different language.

  • Sorry about that ... I try to say hello to him, because he in my country too, i'll remember that .

  • Closing, please email for any license issues!

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