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  • So i updated Construct 2 and since that it was great! but 1 thing.... when i updated and opened it it said!

    A license file for Construct 2 was found,but there was an error loading it. Construct 2 has reverted to Free edition.

    This can occur if the file is damaged, corrupted or otherwise modified in any way. If you have a backup of your license file, try restoring it. Otherwise,please contact and we'll try to sort you out as quickly as we can.

    So i checked it out and there was no such thing as it! it either opened just or it will go to google search looking for it and some forum stuff about people complaining about the same thing! And i did not have a back up file! if you need a screen shot i would be glad to send you it!

    Sincerelly Andrew

  • You bought a C2 license on steam?

  • Using a license.

    Reading this article might be useful.

    Otherwise, any purchase made on the website is supposed to be redeemed to a Scirra account. If you purchased your license in the store, you should be able to have copies of it in the download page.

    If you got it on Steam, indeed you need to check Steam's support.

    Otherwise, as indicated so eloquently, send a mail to Scirra's support providing all the informations about your license and they'll assist.

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  • I dont have it on steam :/ that means i wasted money 4 nothin

  • Andrej14

    What do you mean you wasted money? Don't be ridiculous.

    All you have to do is email and Tom will happily deal with your problem.

  • Why can't i open it its blank!

  • What?? The email address? Use an email program and type it...

  • Can't i just send you a twitter message or anything !?!?

  • Andrej14,

    I suggest you email them like everyone has said.

    I see you don't have a medal on your avatar, which means you didn't purchase the license here on this site. So I assume you brought it via steam, in which case you don't need a license as steam handles this for you.

    Or three you have obtained an illegal version and the update nulled it.

    There are 2 places to purchase construct2. Here on this site and on steam. Which place did you purchase it?

    If you purchased it here. Then email scirra and they will sort you out quickly. Or you can download a new license file from the store under your downloads.

    If you purchased it from steam, then best contact steam.

    If you got your copy anywhere else, then I'm sorry buying pirated software isn't smart.

    But I hope you brought it here or steam. Because it takes a single email to sort it out.

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