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  • Hi, I have recently purchased a construct2 license which is installed in my laptop and my partner's laptop. We have purchased this license for making games and selling them out.

    I am looking for suggestion, is there any illegal or compliance issue for the following scenarios (?):

    1. if I share this license in two laptop with my partner, who is working with me on the same game or other game.

    2. If I sell one game with my name and other with my partner's name (however, both games are created using the same valid license Construct2).

    I would appreciate the right suggestion on this post.



  • See How Construct 2 licenses work. You can either:

    • use your license on multiple computers, as long as you are the only one who uses it
    • use your license on a single computer only, but then any number of people can use that one computer

    It sounds like you need a second license for your partner.

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  • Thanks Ashley for the clarification. I would prefer to use the license only on one system.

    Also let me know if possible to sell one game from my name and other from my partner's name (both game will be prepared in same licensed software and on same machine) or all games need to be sold out by the same person's name who is the owner of this license or we need to purchase another software?

    Appreciate any suggestion.


  • Kenith - in order to work on a commercial game all people involved in the development of the game will need the same license. As far as licenses are concerned, you need a license to help develop the game, not just publish it at the end.

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