Level editor for construct 2

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    I made level editor for players just watch the item in Scirra store in new listing in with source category


    The Advanced level editor is here-https://www.scirra.com/store/games-with-source/level-editor-2018


    you can put this editor in your game to give power to players to make their own levels in game


    this editor can be used in any game like racing,rpg,platform and so on to make customize levels


    you can select object from the inventory and drag on the position where you want to assign the object...

    the object are collision free so you can import any thing like trees for decoration in the platform game....

    to make them alive just use the collision pen to draw collision lines...



    drag object

    resize object

    flip object

    rotate object

    draw collision lines

    delete collision lines

    Delete objects

    Zoom in

    zoom out


    screenshot of the created level and more


    The level Editor is very easy to customize and use


    you can easily put the editor in your game....

    Wrong forum for this, and I think you're marketing this a too much with so many identical posts in the different forums.

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    This is spamming. Please stop multiposting the same post in different sections. I've deleted the posts.

    The store is the correct section.

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