Legging in mobile [Resolved]

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  • I am using 8 direction plugin and touch plugin to control sprite, on touch direction it simulates to left or right, working fine in desktop.

    Have used Intel XDK to build apk. Apk size is 5+ mb, Running apk in mobile/pad but animation is not smooth, I have 2-3 background images, sound and falling sprites on some interval.

    Web version is uploaded here.


  • Hi socialpilgrim what optimisation steps have you taken?

  • App size of 5+ MB, may I ask if it is inferior to 20MB? If so, that could mean you did not used crosswalk, which implies bad performances on android versions up to 5, due to the poor webview of those.

    Can you try the web version you posted in either chrome or firefox for android?

    hundredfold I would guess from his event sheet (if it is the only one), that there is no optimisation to do on his code, as the majority of the performances problem would be elsewhere (if you have performances issues with so little things happenning, unless you are using physics, you can bet the interpretor is most likely unable to do the job, and there does not seems to be an obvious performance swallowing event, then the apk size tells me that crosswalk was not the one being used).

  • Aphrodite I have removed all the other plugins except device in XDK and then generated apk, Yes this is the made code which controls the major logic, rest is ok ok.

    In chrome browser this is working fine in my samsung tab.


    As a optimization I am already using reduced image size, not using every tick, sound also placed in right folders, only thing is falling object is does have physics.

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  • socialpilgrim what Aphrodite was saying is yes your using the xdk, but you're using the old android export(in xdk) and not the New Crosswalk export which will run faster. We know this because of the apk size. So try using the better Crosswalk option in the xdk then tell us how your performance is.

  • volkiller730 Aphrodite , I understood, I tried the same now, but now I can see sound is not working until I tap the screen, only music and tap sound is playing but with delay, I tried the approach of putting the sound in sound folder and music in music folder, even I tried preloading also, animation is still same like earlier.

    This is happening when I previewing and generating apk build on my S4 and Smasung TAB.

  • Thanks everyone, now it is exported properly and I have uploaded in Google play as well.

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