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  • Hallo

    I have an idea for a game, but this is quite complicated and a quite a large project. So the plan for now is to create several smaller projects to get to know Construct 2 much better.

    The final project is a combination of RPG (top down), base building and time management elements.

    I don't know which small games to practice on. Everything i can think of will be quite big to handle. I don't know if you guys have some ideas to relevant small projects.

    So far I will work on a simple top down shooter, with few RPG elements implemented, but your advice and ideas are most welcome.

  • I know this is awful advice, and you probably shouldn't take it, but I learn best by diving into a relatively large project first thing.

    Basically what I am saying is, no need to take baby steps. The helpful community, easy documentation, and intuitive software really lets you get right into it.

    Just my 2c.

  • I agree with sqiddster to an extent but if the project is too large there is a good chance that you will never complete it.

    My advise would be to look at completing smaller projects that have elements of your big idea. This is how I worked initially with C2. I followed tutorials and built upon them. I think it is less frustrating in the long term.

    Whatever you do, have fun!!!

  • - ARGH NO!!! I tried that, and as a result, loot pursuit has LITERALLY taken over a YEAR LONGER than it would have if I had learned to use construct and its features properly before I started!!

    Start with smaller projects and play around with prototypes of larger projects, but don't start anything substantial until you've learned the tool!

  • Good ideas, all.

    What I would suggest and what I'm doing, is to take a large project idea and boil it down into something small and get that working. In other words, do an RPG with only a few rooms and add more once you've got a simple shop, places to explore, monsters to battle, etc.

    I think Construct 2 can do a kick-ass RPG. I'd love to do a big one but I'm working my way up slowly and will get there soon.

    Besides, if you want to share your progress, please feel free to do so. The coolest thing about Construct 2 is that it is a good community to get feedback from.

    Keep up the RPG banner! I started out playing Ultima II and I haven't looked back since then. I just found a new one called A Valley Without Wind which is 2D with a gigantic generated world and beautiful art.

    Let us know what you do and if you need any feedback or help.

    PS: what are your favorite RPGs?

  • Hee Hee, I knew there would be controversy...

    I would agree in not starting your dream game right away, that is true.

    I suppose it also depends on how much programming experience you have.

    Hmm. My advice is to ignore my advice.

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  • Start with a pong or breakout clone, those are pretty easy and you'll get your feet wet with the interface

    Then make something like a platform level or 2 complete with powerups and enemies

    At that point you should be comfortable enough with the interface and the events to move on to your real project

  • Thanks for all your responses.

    sqiddster I have had some programming knowledge and actually started to program a platform game in Java, but there were to much programming and not enough game creating. So i found C2.

    simwhi I think this is what I will do, it also makes sense motivational, because it is possible to see parts of the final product in the small projects. Will analyse the big project a little more and see how I can separate it into smaller manageable parts.

    I will keep you all posted when the idea is separated and new problems arise. =)

    I have played a lot of different RPGs, but it is quite a long time ago, so i cant really remember my favorite. Some i do remember are more standard games, baldurs gate, diablo, icewind dale, wow, runescape and a few others. One I actually really like is a small game created by one man, ADOM, it can be found on adom.de.

  • ...Hmm. My advice is to ignore my advice.

    Good one <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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