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  • Hello,

    Since I had my personnal license Construct 2 (I'm very happy:)),

    I'm looking for a backend/leaderboard service, but I didn't found one which is simply and good.

    Clay.io -> plugin for Construct is very limited (example, no basic options like filters by select or tabs for leaderboard)

    Playtomic -> plugin not longer supported and the service seem to be discouraged by user in this Forum

    Scoreid -> I didn't found plugin for C2 and on the site, all documentation links are brokens

    I thinks it's very important to propose leaderboard to gamers (and urgent for my projects)

    Have you a tip to give me ?

    Best regards


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  • There are 3 options for you I think:

    • Make your own Leaderboard (You will learn much and it?s totally what you want)
    • Change one existing Leaderboard Plugin (Hard to understand Code from someone else, but this should be a fast way)
    • Make your own Plugin for 1 Leaderboard(The Hardest way but you will help the community)
  • The Scirra Arcade also supports hi-scores.

  • Thanks for response.

    After my research, I had finally same conclusion.

    If I understanding, all Construct game maker have their own solution for leaderboard.

    Clay.io said me in their forum that too difficult to change C2 plugin (if I correctly understand)

    Soreoid creator tell me their service is really easy to use with HTTP request, but I don't still understand how use external code in C2 without make a plugin.

    1) Darklinki, have you some new tips to give me about that ?

    2) Is there some C2 gamemaker interested by making a plugin for Scoreoid, i haven't time and competence to develop one alone, but i can participe to



  • Scoreoid guys are supposed to be making a plugin for a while... I dunno why they never get it done

    But IMO clay.io has more interesting options than scoreoid (beside their use of websockets that are completely overkill and fail with some players)

    What do you mean with "no basic options like filters by select"?

  • Hello,

    What i mean is into Clay C2 plugin, we can't configure a leaderboard with a "daily" or "weekly" or "all" score display... in a html select option or tab (although this option is available in Clay API)

    And I don't find graphic customization (at least changing color of leaderboard for each game).

    It seems to be a basic configuration for a plugin, don't you think ?

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  • Well they offer a pre-made leaderboard display as a "basic configuration"

    Then it's you job to arrange the results the way you like...they can't please everyone otherwise

    And with the "fetch leaderboard object" you can do all of that customization already

    For example here and here I'm injecting the results from the API into some custom html with Pode's div plugin

  • Your design and leaderboard are great, I like it.

    Four things:

    • I don't see famous options like "Display par 'day' 'month' all'.." or just pagination on your image ?
    • I see the "fetch leaderboard object" in plugin, but not how we can to do customization with him...
    • What and where is Pode's div plugin, I don't find him sorry
    • Maybe you'll have the kindness to give me some few code example for customization in C2 ? ;)


  • Okay I posted a reply on the clay.io thread

    You may want to post there instead if you decide to stick with clay.io

    There's no pagination in my example though, but I guess it's doable as long as you can do it in html

    It's a simplified version from what I have in my project, because inline css in quite unreadable at some point!

    But there was other things, like links or webfonts

    Btw someone posted a tutorial here too for custom leaderboards and just basic text fields

  • Ok, good tips thanks

    I read this tutorial and response on Clay thread.

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