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  • Life would be much easier if Construct 2 would support any of above mobile ads networks... my friend (Java guru) just released game with interstitials and notification ads, and get 9$ ECPM... in case of Construct 2 (+ CocoonJS + MoPub) it is just not possible :(

    Of course there is MoPub, but let's say the truth: it's not perfect [erhhm]

    So it is nice to use Construct 2,

    it is great tool,

    but there should be better (more effective) monetization possibilities too

  • I used Airpush early on in one of my games. Compiled with phonegap, through eclipse. I quickly removed it though, the amount of spamware it installed on the users device made me uncomfortable. Maybe they have gotten better, but when I couldn't stand to have my own game installed on my device, that's a problem :).

    Anyway, there is the Construct 2 SDK, from what I understand, a plugin could be made to support any of the companies with their own sdk.

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  • I thought more about native solution (like plugin) that would work with CocoonJS too... because PhoneGap is just too slow for anything more professional

    maybe someone from above companies will read this thread, so:

    please make plugin for Construct 2:


    thanks :)

  • szymek: Check the third part plugins forum there are already some plugins made, check the list and plugins like clay.io and others.

    Also, Construct2 exports JavaScript, not Java, it's not the same thing.

  • reply from TapContext:

    We are tracking users requesting other platforms for development and those

    platforms with highest request will cause our support developers to

    dedicate time to officially support it. We currently offer support for

    Eclipse and Intellij, as they are heavily used by most developers.

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