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  • So I'm developing a GameBoy-styled game. To give the perfect feel, I'm making everything to fit on a 160x144 screen and, since this is too small for a modern computer monitor, the Window size is 480x432 while at the start of the layout I set the game to scale to 3.

    It works perfectly on preview and while hosting on Bitbaloon, but when I preview the game on Kongregate, this setting simply does not work. The scale command is simply ignored.

    Am I doing something wrong or, if the Kongregate just disable it for some reason, is there another way to do this?

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  • I have a game on Kongregate and the scale system works fine.

    But i didn't test to scale the game 3 times.

    You can contact the support, I've asked them before if i want my game to be in full screen mode and they said this not allow.

  • Sounds like an interesting game...

    I have no problem with the scale on Kong, but it might be how you're using it that's the problem. Try reverting back to a scale of 1.0 and the original window size setting in c2, but in the Kong upload settings use 480x432 - just make sure the c2 game setting is set to letterbox scale. It's hard to make any other guys without seeing a capx or at least shots of your settings and code.

    If you want to avoid blurry browser reproduction, gave you tried a game setting of 160x144 with letterbox integer scale?

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