Layout in node webkit doesn't start, the second time around

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  • Hi,

    I ran into trouble with C2, when running a layout. The first time after a new start of C2 a layout runs fine within node webkit (I set this as the default browser, since I am making use of specific functionality only available in node webkit).

    The second time I start the layout, nothing happens. When i then close and reopen C2 and reload the game, the layout starts again, but only one time.

    Is this a C2 bug?

    I am running Win7 Home on 8GB memory.



  • Does the NW window stay open in the background after the first time you test, or do you close it? I've found that Construct often gets confused if the preview window in Chrome stays open, either not running the preview at all, or just not switching to it.

  • Thanks.

    After some trials. I noticed the following:

    If the Chrome browser or the IE browser runs, then this problem occurs. When I reboot, and don't start any browser, then the problem doesn't occur, and I can run Layouts in node webkit as often as i want.

    Which seems to corroborate your observation.

  • If you can reliably recreate the issue with step-by-step instructions, I'd suggest that you post a bug report. I haven't tested enough to find any consistency.

  • ok, thanks. will do.

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  • while initially there was consistency in the error showing, the consistency disappeared. So, I don't know what the issue was anymore.

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